Exciting Things You Should Know About Dubai Mall Before You Actually Visit It

Dubai has turned out to be the most loved destination for tour and travels among the contemporary generation. Everyone wants to visit Dubai and experience a lot of amazing stuff. From what it is a country with oil reserves to being the most happening places in the world, UAE has come a long way. Dubai offers people not only with amazing things to do but also the best of comfort. Dubai Mall one of the most happening places in the city also happens to be the most popular mall in the world.

Let’s find out some of the most exciting things about this amazing mall:

Its size will blow your mind: Yes! When we say that it is a huge, we literally mean HUGE. This mall is as big as fifty football pitches kept together. If you are an ardent football fan, you can imagine the size and go in awe. The size is something that makes it eligible to house some of the most expensive brands of clothes, cars and what not. You can find out the most exquisite dishes and entertainment being served at this one mall. This one mall is actually the heart of Dubai; everyone who visits this city falls in love with mall because of its grand structure.

The waterfall illusion: Yes! There exists a waterfall illusion that looks like a real waterfall but is actually an illusion. This one side of mall serves people with the best photography spot. One can click awesome selfies and pictures at this spot.

More than 70,000,000 people have visited this mall: Dubai mall receives huge amount of audience on daily basis, which is why you won’t be surprised when I tell that more than 70 million people have already visited this amazing mall. What are you waiting for? Next time you plan to visit must include this super mall into your itinerary.

Space for 14,000 cars: Never worry about the parking space when visiting this amazing mall. The mall houses space for 14000 cars parking. The grand structure is an inspiration in itself hence it is important for you to make the most of it. Do not be worried about missing out on other sights; explore this mall completely for the real Dubai experience. This mall houses the best of eating and shopping joints.

Part of Burj Khalifa: This is surely a shocker but it is very true, this Dubai Mall is a part of Burj Khalifa project being developed by Emaar. The whole project aims to leverage people with an experience they will never forget.

1200 stores housing the tastiest eating joints and entertainment options are open and waiting for your arrival. Give into the temptation and visit this mall at the earliest because you are never going to be disappointed. You can always take inspiration from the infrastructure and decide to do something grander in your life.

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