The Ballad Of Bobby Dylan by Qaz Adir

These are song lyrics. The song is on youtube and soundcloud under Qaz Adir.


His names Bobby dylan

And he's from out of town

His hats circumference will raise some eyebrows

He came along singing about tambourines

He said times were shifting better listen and heed

He's played all aroun this ol world

From Newport folk to estranged concert halls

But you know I Realise that he's earned a dime

He's performed Spanish leather 500 times

Now I ain't no jokerman I tell it all

I'm ready now to sing it, I'm here standing tall

And the rest of you will hear no matter where u are

He's written countless words and sang endless tunes

Influenced me and you sir, he tapped on heavens door

Mighty Quinn he knows him

Says all the hype ain't true

But he does wear black sunglasses

At night with you

When he's entertaining people

He shares his wine with a few

Good ol Bobby dylan may time see ya through

He won the Nobel prize in us literature

He didn't then arrive with a strange overture

You bet I know he is so sleek

He'd rather be cool like Mozambique

Fast forward through the ages

And time will tell

They'll still sing his songs

They'll know them well

The stone that he rolled when he said can you tell

I'm a hurricane child like blind willy mctell.

Soon this will end, this strange tale

About a feather capped man with a holy wail

I'm glad I could sing this arranged melody

Maybe mr Zimmerman you’ll come meet me”