I’m primarily a JS developer, but I believe it to be incredibly important to learn C++ as a first…
Russley Shaw

We SHOULD Eat Broccoli. But No Thanks, I’d Rather Have Ice Cream!

I think it’s far more important to get stuff done fast, enjoy programming, and ship out code. Once you start enjoying coding and are on board, then sure learn C++ or whatever language it is that you want to learn.

Telling someone they SHOULD learn C++ is like when your mom tells you that you SHOULD eat broccoli. Or that you SHOULD eat clean because getting that zinc + magnesium + protein intake for your body is important, or that you SHOULD go workout.

We, as humans, are emotional beings. When we build something with our code, we want to share it with our friends, know that we got something completed, and share our excitement proudly with the world. What we don’t want is working hard and then having only compilation errors to show as the end result because that’s the way we SHOULD do things.

When The Student is Ready, The Teacher Appears…

I mean I do agree with you. I personally have spent time developing in Java, C, and C++. They are important languages and it helped me learn a lot about memory, static types, passing things by reference, and different data structures.

But, as teachers, we need to motivate beginners to enjoy programming, and develop a behavior of coding. Then later we can tell them the things they SHOULD be doing. It’s important to meet people where they are.