DreamGlass by DreamWorld

An Augmented Reality Headset that connects to your smartphone

Qbit Technologies is among the first organizations which had a chance to try out the Dream Glass viewer, produced by DreamWorld, a company based in San Francisco.

Ty Clark, creative director of the company, showed us this innovative augmented reality headset. Dream Glass has been designed having in mind a specific goal: to create a low cost, high tech, cross-platform compatible, and optical see-through augmented reality headset to be adopted massively by organizations, universities or research centres.

The DreamGlass is comfortable to wear and quite light. It has a good 90-degree FOV with a 2.5k resolution at 60Hz to project 3D objects into your field of view generating a good immersion into your Augmented Reality experience.

The device supports hand gestures and it’s light weight along with the good resolution of the lenses. DreamGlass is directly connected to your smartphone that works as processing power unit. The user can actually interact with it to transform his/her augmented reality experience. It’s currently based on Android smartphones, but we are sure in future will be extended also to iOS devices.