Donald Savoie — Your response is typical of Hillary supporters.

I don’t support, promote, or endorse any one candidate at this time; I think they all have potentially large downsides. That being said, the only vitriol, name calling, and condescending tone I hear and see daily comes from Bernie’s supporters, not Clinton’s. It’s unfortunate that the Sanders supporters have resorted to attacking over the past month or two. It’s unnecessary and it makes me less able to take them seriously. It isn’t necessary to speak down to, name call, and attack the other candidate and their supporters. Either your candidate can be found electable on their own merits, despite their flaws, or they cannot; either way, attacking all the other supporters as too stupid to see what you see in your candidate isn’t going to help anyone when it comes general election time.

And I’m sorry, as mush as I think the term is absolutely moronic and unnecessary, the “Bernie Bros” do exist, and they are problematic. To dismiss them is to be blind to reality. Its time to open your eyes and realize that your bias is clouding your judgment, and your strength of support for your candidate is, as far as can be told from a few online statements, driving you into an echo chamber by dismissing those who don’t agree with you, and surrounding yourself and conversing only with those that support the same candidate you do. That leaves you with very little objective perspective. That, in turn, is very bad for all of us.

We do not achieve positive progress in this country by attacking, vilifying, dismissing, and misrepresenting those who don’t perfectly align with our worldview. It requires compromise, cooperation, and an ability to appreciate differing viewpoints, even if you disagree with them. In a country as large and divided as ours, you cannot claim to want a progressive approach, and at the same time be wholly dismissive and insulting to the huge percentage of the population who fundamentally disagrees with you. If you want a progressive future in this country, it’s going to require help from the people that currently oppose you. That will never happen if the Sanders’ supporters maintain their current public approach and rhetoric.

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