PetaRush Let’s go

At TechCrunch Disrupt, Netflix VP of Gaming Mike Verdu dropped two bits of news about the streaming giant’s foray into games. Verdu said that Netflix is “seriously exploring a cloud gaming offering.” Google’s Stadia and Amazon’s Luna have made the same play, attempting to peddle video games that people can play even if they don’t have an expensive gaming computer or coveted console.

Gaming has come a long way and slowly evolved from basic traditional gaming to vast options in the burgeoning GameFi space. The average gamer will find a million and one different types of games with diverse storylines, themes, styles, and proposed selling points. However, anyone looking for that extra touch of unique gaming in the blockchain space should check out PetaRush.

The producer of PetaRush gameplay, Rhine Tan, stated, “The ideal of blockchain games is to have different IPs interact within the same framework. We have already achieved this goal. Next stage, we will realise cross-IPs breeding so that blockchain games can have more imagination and possibilities.”

During the demo version gameplay period, PetaRush Team members have also prepared generous rewards for players. Players can claim rewards such as NFT blind boxes, whitelist qualifications, and PT qualifier tickets if they are in the top 100 of the ranking. In addition, various community activities will be held on PetaRush’s Discord channel. As long as you complete some simple tasks, you have a chance to be airdropped

Every time the player runs a third of the distance, the old energy bar will be emptied and receives a new energy charge instead. In this way, even a player who had a bad start has two more chances to turn the tide. Players can relax in bed and play PetaRush, but if they truly want to win the championship, it still requires a good strategy.

The producer of PetaRush, Rhine Tan, stated, “The game is not unique in its core gameplay but also supported by the METASENS token economy and exchange, allowing players to enjoy the convenient and friendly Web3 services ranging from minting to earning and trading. Moreover, the game is currently compatible with both Free to Play and Play to Earn. So, whether you are new to blockchain games or an experienced player seeking for new game, come for PetaRush

PetaRush provides the players with this demo version to get a trial first. If the player likes it and would like to invest his time in this game, then he can spend money to buy Peta NFT and become an advanced player. “Keep the risk lowest for both sides,” says Louis, the Chief Creative Officer of PetaRush. “Community is about gathering like-minded people. PetaRush is a fun game and has a healthy economic model.

PetaRush has now opened a worldwide demo test. Even players without NFT can try the game for free. The game allows players to create a room and race with friends, earn rewards via airdrop, and receive various benefits given out by the gaming organiser.

PetaRush let’s gooooo~



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