“Events such as QHacks have allowed me to delve into topics without fear. I used to find it time consuming and intimidating to learn enough to feel confident about a topic, but now I can tackle it head on. It has been just under a year since my first hackathon, and I can say that it has changed my life for the best. I look forward to participating in many more!”

Cooper Leong is a 3rd Year Mathematics and Engineering student at Queen’s University, specializing in Systems and Robotics. …

“Whether you’re a student or someone with 20 years of coding background, there are always new things to learn and there are always different paths that we can take to innovate.”

To most people it would appear that QHacks 2018 participant, Jonah Chin was a veteran hacker. With an impressive project, compelling pitch, and in his last semester of computer engineering at Queen’s, it’s hard to believe that QHacks 2018 was his first real introduction to the world of hackathons. While he took part in 2017, he did not submit a project or even end up working on one the…

“In high school, I’d never opened a single computer science course brochure, and now I will be an incoming graduate student in machine learning. Hackathons gave me a taster of what tech really was — a creative endeavour with technical tools as the paint brush, and societal-level solution pitching as the frame.”

Participating in her fourth hackathon, QHacks 2018 participant Amy Lu was a 4th year University of Waterloo science student specializing in bioinformatics. …


Queen’s University Hackathon

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