The power of persistence

By every measure I am powerful enough to stop my one-and-a-half year old son. I’m far stronger, faster, and have more resources at my disposal.

And yet every day he overpowers me to do things I didn’t initial want him to do. Ex: climb that chair, touch that flower, use the water hose.

His secret? He’s just damn persistent.

Move him away from the flower, he comes waddling back. Move him away again, back he comes. Distract him with something else and you might win, but often he’ll return. Restrain him and he’ll protest. Loudly.

Nature has given him a drive to explore. In many cases I’ll eventual tire, allow him to carefully explore what he wants, and learn he was more capable of doing what he wanted to do than I realized. A restaurant loses a flower. Life goes on. He gets to learn what a flower feels like. Perhaps even what a flower taste like.

Startups face a similar situation. Big established competitors are completely powerful enough to stop a young startup. They have more people, more money, and more partnerships. And yet startups still win.

My son has taught me the power of being persistent. Of wanting something more than someone else wants you not to have it. Of having more energy and more focus.

Want it. Stay focused. Keep persisting. And we too can taste the flower.