My Connection With Running

Captured By: Nitara Vazquez

When I look into the fire I remember a beauty still seen lightheaded. An amount of energy shared between the snow and my feet. Lungs that breathe in the scenery. I could not ask for anything better than the ache my thighs give me, the pain my knees feel, and the health my heart gains. Running isn’t easy, inhaling and exhaling while staying on the same path for what seems forever is not easy. Though it is a thing I enjoy to do, and another goal in life I will continue to strive for, for eternity. My passion became time and distance, fastness or slowness, amount of energy, and comfort running brings to my conscience. There is accomplishment, success, determination, failure, smiles, and laughter. You release negativity by running. The pessimism stressing out your existence fades away into past events and opens life to opportunities and memories that will always be cherished.