How Come Shipping for Qi Aerista Costs $155 on Kickstarter?

Be rest assured. That’s in Hong Kong Dollars, which equals US$20 approx.

Kickstarter has a limitation where the currency charged must be where the company is based. Since Keyway Innovations, the makers of Qi Aerista, is based in Hong Kong, pledges are calculated in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD).

For US-based backers, you will see an approximate equivalent cost of the reward in US Dollars (USD) under the top HKD figure. However, the shipping costs listed in the drop-down list just contains a $, which actually signifies HKD, not USD.

In terms of exchange rate, HKD is pegged to USD at a fixed rate of HK $7.75 to US $1. So the shipping cost of HK $155 is about the same as US $20.

In the rewards sections we have provided approximations in USD to make it easy to see how much your pledge will charge. Let’s take a look at the Kickstarter pledge process.

Backing Qi Aerista on Kickstarter under HKD

Here it shows a reward pledge screen. Don’t be turned off by the high looking price! Those are HKD but USD price is listed in the Reward, Shipping Destination and Pledge Amount text. Shipping to the US will cost about $20 USD, therefore, HK $769 + $155 =$924 = approximately US $120 USD.

This confusion is caused by Kickstarter’s internal system and we have filed a support claim in order for them to resolve this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, we look forward to your support to get our project fully funded and propel Qi Aerista into next phase.

If you have any questions about Qi Aerista, please contact us at

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