On Wednesday’s studio, I experienced what user-centered design charrette is. First, we were told to design smart vehicle interfaces for specific groups of people, in my case, pregnant ladies. We were then split into groups and worked together asa team. To design a vehicle specifically towards pregnant ladies, we had to consider the user needs such as their daily activities, and the corresponding functions they require the car to have, then to create a scenario of the interactions the of them and the car. We sorted out how the user gets through a task by schetching the interaction flow. Finally we presented our idea of self driving vehicle for pregnant ladies to the rest of the class.

Reflecting on this experience, I very much enjoyed the teamwork within my group and that definitely improved the quality of our ideas and our efficiency. However, one thing that we realized when watching other groups’ presentations was that we could be more creative and think outside of the box a little bit more. Also, we should have more information about pregnant ladies and ideally we should observe and live with them for a while so that we could understand their needs better.

What I loved about this project is that we got to have and share the crazy ideas in our heads without having to worry about how to make them come true because sometimes when we have too much worries about the practicability, we are letting some ideas that sounds crazy but could actually make a change slipe away. I also really enjoyed the teamwork with my teammates, working in a group allowed me to see other’s brilliant thoughts and inspire me at the mean time.

Thus, I would try to work in a group if I can since it promotes the quality of our work. For example, when I am stuck with problem that I could not solve or answers that seem not to be the best, I would ask what other’s think of and try and tackle this problem in a group.

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