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Processing Community Day Shanghai 2019 Recap

{ Link to Wechat post about PCD Shanghai Recap (in Mandarin).}

“Start a community of your own. Name it and own it. The chances of you finding a community and being part of it, and feeling like you are at the center of it, is slim. Starting one might be easier than finding one.”

— Taeyoon Choi

From A Letter to My Students

As the first-ever Processing community event in China, PCD Shanghai 2019 was a community-building experiment inspired by this quote. ‘Is there a Processing Community in China? If so, where is it? If I can’t find one, can I help to start one?’ These were the questions I asked myself while I signed up to organize PCD Shanghai. After almost 2 months’ of preparing, I co-organized the event with Chang Liu and Yuli Cai. It was held on February 24th, 2019 at IMA, NYU Shanghai.

Organizers of PCD Shanghai 2019. Left to right: Chang Liu, Qianqian Ye, and Yuli Cai.

Some quick facts about PCD Shanghai:

  • It’s a free event open to everyone.
  • 200 tickets were sold out in less than a day.
  • The event was organized by a team of all women. Within the team, one of us is an artist/educator based in Shanghai, another is an architect/artist based in San Francisco, and a designer/creative coder based in Guangzhou.
  • We had more women, gender non-conforming, and non-binary presenters, including speakers and workshop leads, in the program.
  • According to the data collected from the RSVP questions(gender, city, etc.), the gender ratio of the audience is Female:48.1%, Male:51.7%, Unknown:0.2%.
RSVP participants data collected by Wechat


One of the biggest challenges we faced organizing PCD was access to tools. Due to the fact that Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google and etc. (List of websites blocked in mainland China) are inaccessible in China, we organized/promoted the event mainly on Wechat and used other equivalent tools that are accessible in China.

Below are the tools we used for organizing this event:

  • Event Intro/Promo: WeChat Official Account 微信公众号
  • Open Call Form: Doc QQ 腾讯文档 (link)
  • Ticketing: Wechat Mini Program 微信小程序:报名工具

While most of the tools I mentioned above are mainly used by the Chinese audience, we hope to keep the audience outside of China updated about the event, so we also used sites below:

Screenshot of tools we used to organize PCD Shanghai

We also printed brochures and posters with the event info.

Brochures and posters of PCD Shanghai

Program Schedule

The presenters of the event are selected via the mix of open call and invitation. We wrote two articles ( Intro I, Intro II) on Wechat to introduce the presenters while we announced the program. The schedule included Event Introduction by organizers, Show&Tell, Workshops, Showcase, Open Mic and Keynote.

Below is the final schedule:

PCD Shanghai Schedule Poster

The Day of The Event

  1. Open Intro by Organizers 🙋🏻

We kicked off the event by reading PCD Code of Conduct and introduced the schedule for the day.

Qianqian Ye
Chang Liu
Yuli Cai

2. Show & Tell 🎙

Each speaker shared a 5-minute talk about art, code, and diversity.

Qianqian Ye: Diversity & Inclusion In Processing Community
Yuli Cai: Dance with code
Yi Zhao: Fooling the Machine
吉乐米: Invisible Interface
Qu Luo: MinkeyFamily.com
Yaming Xu: Ghost in the Machine
Xiaozuo Zhang: Dynamic Interior
Aven Le Zhou: Creative AI, Collaborative AI and Chinese Heritage

3. Workshop 🔩

Chang Liu: Code it! Print it! with Processing
Erin Zhang: Poetic Measurement Device
Jung Hyun Moon: Websketchbook+Machine Learning
Leon Eckert: Interactive geographic data with p5
Weijia Li: RGB
Jiji Yu: Glamorous wearables

4. Keynote 💡

Yueyang Yao: Wishlamp
Xiao Luo: Processing & Wechat
△ Yuehao Jiang: SHANZHAI, Open-sourced Hardware
△ UpteamCMI: Crescent
Yinmeng Liu: From Digital Art to Digital Culture

5. Open Mic 🎤

Zehan Bao: Boundary
Miao Jing: HiBanana

6. Participants 🔥

✨ What’s Next

PCD Shanghai 2019 was a successful community-building experiment. If you can’t find a community in your own city, start one!

🖤 Special Thanks

Thanks to NYU IMA for offering the venue.

Thanks to all the volunteers for their hard work: Daniel Chin, Cindy Hu, Sherry Zhang, Yanru Zhu, Miki Bin, Yumin Cai, Nancy Wang, Yile Xu.

Photo credit to Miao Jing, Nancy Wang, Yuli Cai, Chang Liu, Qianqian Ye, Weijia Li, Zehan Bao, 吉乐米.



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