A letter from QIEX to the user

Respected user,

Thank you for your support of QIEX for a long time.QIEX issued the QIEX Community Certified Credit QIEX CREDIT POINT (QI) on August 1, 2018. The first pre-release will be completed on October 31, and the GEM market will be added to the QIEX Digital Asset Exchange.QIEX has always adhered to strict risk control as the core, as far as possible to ensure the safety of user assets, and strictly select valuable projects. QIEX will implement a new risk control strategy on November 1st. As a holding certificate for community self-governance, users who hold QI will participate in the ecological construction of QIEX platform, and the platform function will be adjusted.

1. The approved projects will be listed first in the GEM market, only QI transaction pairs will be provided, and the BTC/ETH/USDT transaction pairs will not be listed. The first GEM market duration is 7 days.

2. The decision-making power listed in the BTC/ETH/USDT transaction pair will be given to the QIEX user. The project needs to be voted by the user to decide whether to switch to the motherboard.

3. Participation qualification: Users with user authentication level of L1-L3, the project assets are greater than 0.1, and the QI available balance are greater than 600. Each user can only vote on the project transfer board once and cannot vote repeatedly.

4, support for voting needs to exceed 51%, participation in voting time is 7 days.

5. If the number of votes supported cannot reach 51%, it will remain in the GEM market.

6. If the vote is not passed, the project can apply again to vote in the following month, with a voting period of 30 days.

7. If both votes are passed, the project will be delisted.

8. the user participates in voting QI will be frozen, will be thawed after the vote is over.