The Qilimanjaro project switches its funding scheme in 2019, from an intended ICO framework in 2018, to a venture capital one, complementing its successful customer contract engagements.

The Qilimanajro project was born in late 2017 with the purpose of bringing quantum computing to a wide audience of users. Started by a group of academics, Qilimanjaro is building an advanced laboratory for the construction and operation of a Coherent Quantum Annealer, a special type of a quantum computer, and a cloud environment with a powerful tool-set to access it remotely. …

Hi Qilimanjaro friends!

This is José Ignacio Latorre, CEO of Qilimanjaro. I’d like to bring to you an update on the progress of our ambitious project. Let me divide the news and future plans in several sections.

Scientific Progress

We are very, very happy to let you know that Pol Forn-Diaz, our CTO has managed to cool down our dilution fridge to 15 mK. …

Questions about technology

1) Why the decision to focus on Quantum Annealing instead of Quantum Gates?

The main research groups in the world are focusing on quantum circuits that need quantum error correction in order to run useful quantum algorithms. Instead, we focus on an analog quantum computer, a quantum annealer run with coherent qubits, which offers many more practical uses for business. Our goal can be reached sooner on a quantum annealer.

Yet, our technology is flexible enough so that our qubits, flux qubits, can be used for quantum circuit logic as well. …

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