Qibo Alpha is coming now!!

Jun 14, 2018 · 3 min read

We are highly excited to announce the release of our Qibo Alpha edition on Github.

Qilimanjaro is the first quantum computing service accessible under a decentralized scheme and reveals its true potential by adding Qibo, an open-source high-level API able to run quantum applications in any existing quantum machine (IBM, Rigetti, …).

The main design goal of Qibo is to offer an easy entry point for quantum programming. Thus, we pick Python, and Qibo can be used as an interface to other quantum languages or libraries. Of course, it will also serve our own machine.
Microsoft, IBM, Rigetti and D-Wave offer their own programming tools. By design, Qibo will support all these environments in a single tool, eliminating the requirement to adjust the code in order to run different backends and architectures. Thus, Qibo fosters a community of collaboration and mutual development in the quantum computing space.

Getting to the nitty-gritty details

The Qibo package comes with the following modules:

- Models
Qibo provides a Circuit class which holds the gates and measurements in a common format for all backends.

- Gates
Qibo provides the following quantum gates:

  • CNOT: the controlled-not gate.
  • H: the Hadamard gate.
  • X, Y, Z: the Pauli X/Y/Z gate.
  • Barrier: the barrier gate.
  • S: the swap gate.
  • T: the toffoli gate.
  • Iden: the identity gate.
  • MX, MY, MZ: measures X/Y/Z gate.
  • RX, RY, RZ: rotation X/Y/Z-axis.
  • All gate implementations are based on the Gate class.

- Backends
The current version supports the following backends:

  • IBM: Virtual and real machine
  • Rigetti: Virtual machine
  • VQMlite: Virtual machine

- Running
Necessary to perform the computation.

Examples and tutorials

We have prepared some basic ipython notebooks in the examples folder to demonstrate the functionality of the package. Here a list of the available examples:

  • example/intro_circuit.ipynb : a simple introdution to quantum circuits.
  • example/introduction_1qbit_gates.ipynb : an example with 1 qubit manipulation.
  • example/introduction_2qbit_gates.ipynb : an example with 2 qubits manipulation.
  • example/mermin.ipynb : an example of Mermin’s circuit.
    example/vqe.ipynb : an example of variational quantum eigensolver.

How join Qibo Alpha edition?

1. You can get Alpha access to Qibo on our github. You just have to fill in the form that is presented on the web.

2. Wait for one of the members to invite you to join the Qilimanjaro Quantum Hub organization. We do this to know the level of interest in our product but do not worry, you will not have problems to receiving the invitation.

3. Follow all the steps indicated on the Github to install, learn and manage Qibo!

All of Qilimanjaro’s community members are welcome to put the alpha edition through its paces, keeping in mind that it’s a product in development. The team is aware that the alpha will be buggy at first, so your understanding and patience will be highly appreciated. Using the alpha version at first, will enable you to become supporters of the Qilimanjaro revolution!

That’s all regarding the release of the initial technical details for now. Ongoing support will be provided through Qilimanjaro’s communication channels and everyone is welcome to proceed with providing the team with their queries and suggestions.

These are exciting times indeed. Qilimanjaro wishes to thank all of its supporters for joining in and furthermore, Qilimanjaro invites everyone that hasn’t joined the project yet for any reason to do.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Currently, the best way to reach us is through our Telegram group.

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