I wasn’t even knowledgeable to answer a simple question, until…

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After I got a master’s degree in Journalism focusing on consumer behavior research, I was looking forward to getting into the digital marketing industry because I want to picture the consumer via interaction and communication with them online, and I enjoy converting consumers to customers by employing various online marketing strategies. However, because what I’ve learnt from school was all about offline interaction, I did not know much about how to fully use marketing strategies online, even I work for an online newspaper.

One day, my supervisor called me to ask what suggestions that I could make to promote the website. “Try Search Engine Optimization,” I answered generally. When he questioned further specifically on which strategies might be more effective for the website, I could do nothing but say “ currently I have no idea”. Since then, I realized that I need to learn more about digital marketing in order to do my job better.

Ever since then, I started to search online marketing resources, checking how to boost the posts and attracting potential readers. Along with that, I started my online hairband business where I had opportunities to connect remotely with my consumers. I worked hard to advertise my handmade hair band online and tried to bring more customers for my online hairband store. Unfortunately, I wasn’t good at managing online store and my products, even had gained good reputation from existing customers, were not able to be sold quickly.

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Even the Internet has helped me a lot in searching digital marketing knowledge, I still felt frustrated for not learning enough practical knowledge on digital marketing. My hunger to do my better better and help my own small online business drive me to search digital marketing programs online, until one day I came across Udacity’s digital marketing nano degree program which was created in collaboration with leading industry partners such as Facebook, Hubspot, and Mom. As an extensive three-month training program, it offers systematic knowledge of digital marketing. I was deeply impressed since I checked other digital marketing certificate online and most of them merely focused on a single aspect while charged more than $1500 on average, Udacity’s digital marketing program, comparatively, only charge $999 for three months’ study that offered everything I had been searching for. That’s when I decided to invest and improve myself.

I have been studying for three weeks and really enjoy learning with Udacity. Udacity has a friendly platform for enhancing the skills. It only assigns students hands-on projects by asking them to create live ad campaigns. The most important thing is, students can always get detailed responses from the instructor to improve the project so as not to make less errors while creating ad campaigns. With the knowledge and experience that I have learnt from Udacity, I am able to enter the digital marketing world with confidence now.