Step-by-step instructions for how to post an Instagram story

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app. Outdated versions of the Instagram app will not show the Instagram Story feature. Instagram stories appear above Instagram posts in your Instagram home feed and disappear 24 hours after the photo or video has first been uploaded.

2. Take or transfer a vertical image or video to your phone. (You can upload a horizontal or square photo to your Instagram story, but you can’t control the crop so vertical images work best for this format.)

3. To take or upload a photo or video from your phone, click on the “Your story” button or the camera button (circled in red below).

4. From here, you have the option to either take or upload a photo or video to your Instagram story. (If you accidentally landed here and haven’t uploaded a picture or video yet, swipe left if you need to get back to your Instagram home screen or profile. Once you uploaded a photo or video the gear icon on the top left hand corner will allow your to discard your changes.) Swipe up if you would like to upload a photo/video you had taken in the last 24 hours from your camera roll.

5. Once you upload your picture, you have the option to edit it. Swipe right or left to add a filter. Click on the Aa button on the top right hand corner to add text to tease your story. The button to the left of the Aa button that looks like a marker allows you to draw, write or highlight your text (I like to use this to make the text pop). The button to the left of that tool with a smiley face on it allows you to add custom emojis or stickers, including geofilters and hashtags.

6. If you have a verified Instagram account, you will also notice a button that will allow you to directly link to a webpage. Click on the link button and paste the URL you want to link it to. (I usually add a link here so we can track how many people swiped up on our Instagram story).

While anyone who looks at your Instagram story will see a tiny “see more” button if there’s a URL linked, I also like to add the words “Swipe up” to notify people that we have a URL linked to this Instagram story. (You can also pinch your fingers on the text to make it bigger or smaller.)

7. When you’re done, add the photo or video to your Instagram story by tapping the “Your story” button on the bottom.

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