Marginalia Books

Marginalia: annotations in books

Checkout options

  • rolodex-type system
  • ID exchange (similar to library use only policy across campus)
  • reader card (i.e. Bancroft)
  • check-in/out record (time in/out, etc.)
  • online system: e.g. Librarika

How do we make this system clear and easy to understand for users?

  • attendant present to explain
  • streamlined process that is familiar to users


  • official mission statement
  • We are a non-lending/circulating library, but feel free to get comfortable and explore both our general and special collections.
  • for marginalia bookmarks: Marginalia bookmarks are meant to encourage guests’ close interaction with text by providing a platform to express their thoughts and feelings on the book in general or for specific excerpts. Furthermore, each bookmark can provide insight for future readers on various interpretations of the text as they are informed by community members. Marginalia bookmarks further a dialogue and construct a social context for library guests.
  • STILL NEED: flowchart from Interactivity
  • guest curation: Guest Curation encourages guests to build connections between texts and explore novel perspectives. By constructing personalized collections, guests may promote these unique perspectives to a wider audience of guests. Guest Curation asks library guests to put together a collection of texts and write a small description explaining their motivations and the relationship they were interested in showcasing.
  • STILL NEED: flowchart from Interactivity
  • feedback: Please give us feedback to help improve our library. We base our library on the local art community so your feedback directly contributes to the way we operate.
  • Instagram: @_________ provides a online platform for posting your interactions with the library, from shouting-out your favorite excerpts to posting your personal curations. Follow @________ to continue your library experience to access unique, arts-related text, and DM/tag @______ to contribute your picture!
  • Key for categorization system


  • collection organization: pockets/sleeves in books with papers
  • stickers for genre/subjects categorization
  • how will we organize subjects?
  • stickers for genre — i.e., monograph, survey, photo, etc. — and then shelved by region, movement, whatever?
  • is categorization fluid — can people move things around?
  • how will annotation/interaction play into categorization?
  • marginalia bookmarks