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Last year, I shared Top 10 podcasts for product managersa list of podcasts that I listen to on my commute, at the gym, while cooking, or falling asleep. Below I’ve listed few of my favorite podcasts from this year.

Podcast on product management from product managers

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Product to Product — This podcast discusses topics in product management with product leaders from top tech startups and companies. Topics range from growth, retention, engagement, strategies, etc. One of my favorite episode is North stars are leading you astray.

Product hunt radio — An interview style podcast with the founders, investors, journalists, and makers who are creating the latest product in tech. …

If you work on a product team, likely you have sat in a meeting where your team disagrees on the right feature to build. The conversations might sound like this

“According to the user research, the user wants our product to do this…”, “ Really? It really depends on how you interpret what the user is saying…”, “I think building it this way will lift our north star metric significantly…”, “I disagree, if I were the user, I would never need this feature…”.

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Understanding user needs is one of the toughest and most important jobs of a product manager. It is the foundation upon which your product strategy, goals, hypotheses, and features reside. However, asking users what they want is unreliable. If you are working on an existing product, analyzing data is often one of the most reliable ways to understand user needs. Instead of relying solely on user research, data can tell a story about a user and his behavior (often better than the user himself). It is, in essence, a truer way to observe your users, what they do, and how they use your product. …

I am a podcast junkie; whether it’s on my commute, at the gym, while cooking, or falling asleep, you’ll always find me on my headphones listening to a podcast. It’s not only great entertainment but also a convenient learning tool for me as a product manager. Below I’ve listed few of my favorite podcasts this year.

Podcasts on technology trends and history

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StartUp — From how the creators of the StartUp podcast started this podcast (very meta), to some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley, to a group of pastors planting churches, this podcast looks at what it takes to start a business. …

I recently gave a talk at Product School on this topic, you can check out the full video here.

What is a product launch?
When people hear about product or feature launches, they might think a product team spends weeks and months working on a feature, and then comes the big reveal of a killer feature at a big tech conference. ​Maybe something similar to the Windows 95 launch?

In reality, product launches are rarely linear or the end of the product development process. A product launch is more often just the beginning. It’s the first time when you can truly validate the feature you built is useful. …


Fawn Qiu

Ex Product @ Spotify, previously Amazon, Sesame Street, MIT Media Lab

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