Hi JC Awe,


I understood you will be changing SGD bank account details on 25 Oct 2017. I hope all Singaporean, will have a easier & seamless way to buy BTC on your QUOINEX platform after the change of your bank account details?

In a response of request to remove your bank details, actions had been done in replaced of BTC Tip Jar: 1GtMrk3PiwJwdaBJ6cdA41cPhVZDL41yts

I do hope you will still be the best cryptocurrency exchange which support SGD in Singapore by using Singapore Bank (local bank transfers) please as there not much choice to buy & sell cryptocurrencies in Singapore currently… =Z

I do QASH Token Sale looking forward for your token sale at QRYPTOS on 6th November 2017 00:00:01 (Singapore Time / UTC +8 hours)

Your Customer,

JC Awe