A Letter

Getting it off of my chest

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I want to tell you how I might feel

Just in case you haven’t noticed

Everything is just fine.

But my mind got splited 
- And I don’t know why - 
I have a girlfriend whom I love 
But my mind don’t let me be happy 
- And I don’t know why - 
I’ve ingressed the college which I wanted 
But my mind don’t let me do anything 
- And I don’t know why - 
My parents aren’t so restrictive with me anymore 
And all I can do is stare at myself 
Looking every little detail, every peculiar shape, now thinner than ever 
Can’t even recognizing myself 
- And I don’t know why - 
And every time I try to act normally unleashes a constant pain that fullfill my whole body and mind, making me tired to live and to keep this horrible corpse wandering with such appearance 
With only one thought 
Rubbing all over my skin 
Wanting to remove it out with my bare hands, even if that would make me shapeless 
Then at least I would become finally invisible to this other ME 
Who wouldn’t judge me anymore 
Or hurt me anymore 
While I grasp onto my grave 
That’s a letter of how I might feel 
In case you have noticed 
Everything is just NOT fine.

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