Hi. How can I use a class defined in another file when using swift as script ?
Sebastien Brault

// the source code (module.swift)

import Foundation

let x = 1

public func printX() {



// the other script using MyModule (other_script.swift)

import MyModule


On the console, run following commands:

  1. mkdir build # build directory (where the output files lie in)
  2. swiftc -sdk $(xcrun -sdk macosx -show-sdk-path) -emit-module -module-name MyModule -module-link-name MyModule -emit-library -emit-module-path build/MyModule.swiftmodule myscript.swift -o build/libMyModule.dylib
  3. Run your other scripts which will import MyModule with flags:

swift -I build -L build -lMyModule other_script.swift
Everything should work.

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