You often asked me why did I always wanted to sit near you seat every day in the class. You also asked me why did I always wanted to see you on daily basis. My answer always it’s the things that made me happy every single day. And I wanted to make every time counts for us.

Since in high school, I always thought that I won’t live long. My life will be shorter than all of my friends. I’m still keep that in mind until now. I don’t know for sure when my time will come. It could be next week, tomorrow, today, or even seconds after I’ve published this writing. I don’t really know, so I just make sure that every day I do things that made us happy.

I’m afraid that if I didn’t make the moment whenever I could, I would regret that later. So, let’s make every seconds count from now. I never wanted you to regret that later too, I really am.

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