Never Forget Anything Before, After and While Coding
Eido Askayo

In my previous job, we used a similar technique. We would write comments like:

// TODO: Some kind of explanation (Date) Author
// INFO: Something worth noting. (Date) Author
// FIXME: Description of the problem. (Date) Author
// BUG: Does not need immediate attention though. (Date) Author

What I noticed was: most of the comments were never removed. Sprint after sprint, week after week, new features were being added and implemented. Nobody was willing to implement todos. Nobody had time to fix FIXME Nobody had time to fix a small BUG. The only ones that made sense were INFOwhich explained some situations or why certain decisions were made.

The other issue was that some of my fellow developers were not willing to put their names as the author. I guess they didn’t want to be associated with that piece of code as it was clearly not great ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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