Being a Part of Office Politics Doesn’t Save You From It (Part 1)

To clear the confusion, No, I played little or no part in the office politics but yes I stayed close to the people who played in that mud. My reason for being in the same group with them was to keep tabs on the office’s insights and save myself from getting chewed by my “wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing” manager.

However, getting close to them kept me save for a few years and when I thought to make that office my permanent workplace, the worst happened. I got victimized by the people who I thought would never play their dirty tricks on me, after all the dedication I showed throughout my time there and the enormous efforts I put.

Here, when I think back, I relate myself to Icarus. It is because we both got too close to the Sun, and fall flat on the ground as our wings burned and turned into ashes.

Unlike Icarus, I got up thanks to God. With the firsthand experience of being-a-part and being-a-victim of office politics, I learned some new life lessons. While a learned some new lessons, I also realized the reasons I got hit with the poison arrows that I once believed would never be directed at me.

  1. Gave Respect to Undeserving People

Giving respect is one thing, but doing it profusely makes you look inferior to the other, and giving it to someone undeserving worsens the whole case. I started giving my manager too much respect, even though he didn’t deserve it. When he talks, I would listen to him without saying a word or interrupting him. When he stands before me, I would slightly lower my head and shoulder. I did all that with a sincere heart, because he was seemingly nice to me, which in fact he wasn’t. Behind my back, his attitude was same with me as with the others he had issues with

2. Welcomed Favors Readily

People don’t do unsolicited favors. However, when they do, then it is obvious that there’s something fishy. My manager showered me with ample favors that I didn’t ask for. I thought I was being rewarded for my performance and efforts, but I was wrong. Due to all those favors, he started gaining upper-hand on me. Consequently, whenever I go to him with a complaint or something, he would just bring all the past favors from the old closet just to shut me up for good.

3. Got Overly-Friendly with the Lackeys

Going all buddy-buddy with my manager’s lackeys was the biggest mistake of my life, and one that was the first and the final nail in the coffin. Lackeys are always lackeys no matter how friendlier they seem. Their gullible nature attracts and accepts the brainwashing of the manager. They believe that the manager is their godfather and to him they should keep their loyalty even if he is wrong. How ironic it was, they never even considered him wrong.

4. Got Vulnerable to his Brainwashing

One thing is commendable of dirty, politics-savvy managers, it is their exceptional power of persuasion. Persuasion is a powerful weapon which if goes to the right hands would bring prosperity to the life of others and his as well, but if it goes to bad hands, then consider yourself at the mercy of treacherous people.

I will share the rest of the factors and tips when I see more listeners here on Medium.