Not a Black Chair.
Amélie Lamont

I don’t understand it. I’ve read through the dozens of comments and not one person brought up that the writer committed several acts of abuse.

Why has no one mentioned that she is a domestic abuser and committed several acts of sexual harassment at work and during work functions?

There is no excuse for squarespace response to the chair comment. Their inability to recognize and treat the issue immediately, both fairly and consistently was a failure on all points. Unfortunately their response is the required response for that form of racism. Many businesses do even less public. The expectation people have that there will be a public shaming is somewhat overblown. Most issues like this get resolved under the radar either through dismissal for the most egregious to an apology and usually classes taken for the less egregious.

That said, based upon her history, that she provided, squarespace failed both that guy and her fellow employees by continuing to employ her well past the first few months. She should not have been there in the first place to have received that racism from the manager. Her sexual harassment of an underling, one who expressed discomfort for her continued advances, probably was never reported because males usually fail to report sexual advances. That he still tried to treat her as a friend even taking care to call a cab for her when she was obviously drunk, she only doubled down and assaulted him. I get it she wasn’t having a good day she assumed they were a thing when they were clearly not, that’s not an excuse to hit a person.

Did the manager of squarespace commit a vulgar racist act (based on info given)? yes
Did their response comply with laws and standards? yeah, unfortunately that’s about as much as you’ll get, even in the most progressive companies

However, just because the company’s manager/supervisor committed an overt act of racism does not validate nor excuse the writer’s several acts of sexual violence including battery.

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