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I sat in various grade school and high school classrooms for 10 yrs with basically the same people who said I’d never amount to anything, that i was “retarded” and that my mom wanted to kill herself when she had me. I was voted most likely to kill myself by my fellow seniors (yes students are horrible)

Those are obviously the statements of bullies. They aren’t true, but it took me years to get past those untruths. I had to admit to myself that sometimes people lie for their own benefit and joy. And people as old as 18 were writing these things, so while these may be articulate college students many of them are not far removed from the age when bullying was commonplace.

What bullying taught me is just because someone is in a classroom with a group of people and they make claims about a person, that does not make anything they say requisite truth. These are all adults in these classrooms and though we may not often discuss it, bullying occurs among adults, especially when one adult holds temporary authority over another, especially when sometimes those adults consider themselves smarter than the one in authority. It may be true that she is racist. it may also be true that they don’t like her tutelage and are interpreting her actions through the lens of dislike they’ve already created for the person.

Saying they are trying to better their university does not negate that professors are often hit with an amazing amount of slander when they don’t let students get away with things. I’ve seen students go out of their way to get professors fired and will willingly tell fellow students that the professor did nothing more than be a hard grader. One student when I was in college went so far as to accuse the [gay] instructor of having touched him. That was enough for an investigation and luckily because some of us were smart enough to record his discussions of the event we were able to protect the professor, but what if the professor wasn’t well liked? or students hadn’t videotaped the lies?

Let me give you an example


These two examples should tell you how students treat teachers behind their back

I can’t say whether or not the instructor is racist, or has made any major mistakes in the class, but I am doubtful that an instructor who has been at the school for 5 years (but less than forty) is guilty enough to require complete removal. If anything some of them may require better training on race and class issues, but complete removal? Doubtful. And though people may not realize it havign mean hearted professors is beneficial as they are just like the jerk bosses you may face over the years. You can learn just as much, sometimes more, out of them than the passive professors who let you walk all over them. One of my best professors was also one I disliked the most. i’d hate to think what would happen if people assumed that because he was a big jerk (he was) that they could dismiss him as a bad teacher, since he was also the best teacher because of his being a jerk