As a therapist, you SHOULD know that you don’t get to define what someone else’s experience is/was.
Marin Heiskell

Isn’t saying someone is suffering PTSD, defining their experience? Thus the first therapist was defining her experience.

While I agree the issues of race brought up by Gina seem counter productive to the argument, your own statements suggest that the original writer’s therapist was wrong too in diagnosing.

That is incorrect.

A therapist uses the definition to help the healing and therapeutic process as well as a way to differentiate experiences and to share information with other doctors. Assuming Gina is a licensed therapist, she is disagreeing with the diagnosis based on the account provided, which in general how diagnostics with mental health disorders work.

Unfortunately PTSD is thrown around too easy these days. Many people who suffer anxiety are diagnosed with PTS without testing for other fairly obvious syndromes or disorders. One of these is pretty obvious from the first reading. I won’t diagnose but I hope the woman leaves her poor excuse for a therapist and goes to a psychiatrist to treat the obvious and underlying issue.

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