Thank you for all your great responses — even those that passionately disagree with my position!
Sunil Singh

It was a professor like yourself that taught me to stop hiding from math and start loving it the way I did when i was a kid. i haven’t pushed much past college calculus because the class was the last class I took in college but I enjoy taking my understanding and using it every once in awhile.

I’m sorry you think that education eviscerates math, I take a different view, without education, many would never be introduced to mathematics. So few of us are introduced to the subject until school and many of us have parents who are afraid of it. Without someone like yourself to introduce us most of us will live a life blind to its beauty and its usefulness. Even today I sometimes wonder I would not be better off focusing on a math based career because I enjoy the subject so much. that doesn’t happen without a passionate instructor willing to reach his students, to help them go beyond what is in the books

Thanks for being a teacher even today

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