Abrar Ahmed, CEO of AzaadLabs Talks about AzaadHealth

Meet Abrar Ahmed a dynamic and young entrepreneur graduated from the Nest IO and Drapers University, San Mateo. Beside his software development skills, Abrar is also an exceptional unity game developer. He has some big plans now with his product “AzaadHealth” with aim to provide an application interface where information records of patients and hospitals will be synchronized in one place.

Read what he said more about his product and his entrepreneurial journey so far

Quadmind : Hello Abrar, I hope you’re doing well and it’s an honor for us to interview you today. Briefly describe about yourself.

Ans: Hey, my name is Abrar. I’m a serial entrepreneur and an agent of change. I dream up crazy disruptive ideas and then harass others to know what they think ;). I love trekking, hiking, swimming and snorkeling (among other things).

Quadmind : Abrar, you might have thought of some more creative proposals as well but how did the idea of AzaadHealth came in your mind?

Ans: AzaadHealth was born out of sheer personal pain. The pain and suffering my family had felt when my brother was being treated for cancer. Although he is with us no more, I want AzaadHealth to be a tribute to his memory.

Quadmind : You have succeeded in making world class health care system internationally, briefly describe on how AzaadHealth system works? How can anyone access to it easily?

Ans: AzaadHealth will be a bridge among disparate hospital systems. It works by converting data format provided by one hospital into data format accepted by another hospital. For patients, it allows them to combine all their health information from hospitals, fitness devices and other healthcare providers. We will initially develop a web application which will be easily for people to signup and get connected. view the video to see how Azaadhealth works and the team behind it.

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Quadmind : How significant do you think is the real time interaction between the doctors and the patient? Share your opinion in this regard.

Ans: Its super important! When treating patients, doctors need all the information they can get to make decisions. Any ill-informed decision may result in risking someone’s life. Interactions between doctors and their patients ensure that the doctors are up to date to their condition.

Quadmind : What international marketing techniques you are applying to reach out more people ? Are you planning to launch this system in Pakistani hospitals?

Ans: We have started off with social marketing and ad campaigns for now. Initially we will be launching in US and other countries which are using Electronic Medical Record Systems. Currently almost all hospitals in Pakistan are still using pen and paper to record patient history. We would love to launch AzaadHealth in Pakistan when hospitals have adopted EMR systems.

Heck! We would even develop and deploy it for them if they are interested. We strongly believe that Pakistan’s healthcare system must change for the better. If you want to learn more about why EMR systems are not being adopted in Pakistan, check this research done by COMSATS Lahore.

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Quadmind : Abrar, you have good hands on VR & AR games too, so how do you think universities can help students in developing their skill through gaming?

Ans: By conducting workshops and providing VR/AR devices to students. Everything anyone needs to know about developing games is already available online so the only thing left are physical means. Universities should create special labs where students can test out their creations on such devices.

Quadmind : You have worked in many startups like Ouzel system, Zaavia now you have formed Azaadlabs, tell us about your entrepreneurial journey so far . What are your fields of interest other than this? How you spent your free time :)

Ans: My entrepreneurial journey hasn’t been that long to be honest. :)
 However, I have learned a lot of invaluable lessons during my time in different startups. You see, working in a startup is very different than corporate tech. In startups you are on forefront, everything you do reflects your company/brand. You learn about how to deal with people, you learn to appreciate how intricately connected are people’s hopes and dreams and to what extent will they go to achieve them. Maybe i’m just ranting here but this understanding is very important to me.
 I spend my free time (which is not much) by going swimming or travelling or doing anything far from tech. Apart from this, I enjoy pondering on philosophical questions, metaphysics and self reflection.

Quadmind : You are also a game developer so tell about how you switch on a different product beside games :) . Does games affects health of different patients positively?

Ans: Developing games has always been a source of joy for me. When I’m tired from my regular work, I work on games which gives me something different to think about. Its like switching gears. :)
 Oh yes! I am a huge fan of games which promote puzzle solving and critical thinking, games like these positively affect patients’ minds.

Quadmind : You are also incubated at the Nest i/o and graduated from Drapers university Share about your experience in both places .How these startup accelerators are facilitating Startups.

Ans: Nest i/o is great for expanding your network. I believe Nest i/o is harboring some of the most creative minds in the country. You will get to meet great people doing great things and will come to call them friends. People with true entrepreneurial spirit will definitely feel at home here. :)
 My time at Draper university was the most fulfilling, encouraging and at the same time, saddest and challenging. Fulfilling because I was among some of the best minds of the world, I became part of silicon valley (the tech capital) but sad because I had lost my brother shortly after arriving. DU is best for personal development, they teach you loads of stuff from idea conception to selling to complete strangers. The best part for me was the “Survival Week” where we….. (don’t wanna spoil the fun) ;) It was at DU when I realized that AzaadHealth is potentially a great product because it was so well received during final pitch and was rated among top ten best ideas there.

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Quadmind : Why Pakistani startups are still lagging to reach Silicon Valley startups? What do you think that serves as a major obstacle in this regard?

Ans: I dont think they are lagging in reaching silicon valley startups. Tons of startups here are already working with companies in US. Physical presence however is still a problem for Pakistani startups. Government and investors can play a huge role by providing capital to deserving startups so they can go to silicon valley.

Quadmind : What developments and changes are you planning to bring in the future? If someone wants to become a part of AzaadHealth, what’s the method for it?

Ans: Our grand vision is to connect the entire healtcare system across the world. In future, no matter where you go, AzaadHealth will keep your health information secure and only a click away.

Just send us an email at abrar@azaadlabs.com :)

Quadmind : You have struggled so hard in life and It was a pleasure to have you on board share about your struggle and achievements in life :) . Lastly, give an advice for the young startups, please.

Ans: Running a startup is not easy and its not everyone’s cup of tea. I would advise “right out of university” startups to first do some leg work in a reputable company to get a taste of how things are done. Among other things, it will give them a sense of discipline when meeting deadlines or getting any task done on time.

Quadmind wishes a very best of luck to Abrar & his Team for the Future of Azaadlabs! :)