Alvina Sohail From Timeium Talks about Their Product and Entrepreneurship

We have a latest product review this time Alvina Sohail Ahmed from Timeium told us about what product they are building to solve the main loop holes in Software Product Management. She also talked about her team and how they are evolving their product day by day, Sharing her team experience at The Nest I/O. She advised to young startups,

“If people are having any idea anything that could be good for the society just go for it guys”

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Quadmind: Timeium is a project that is based on the time management of the software or task. Introduce your product a little more and detail and what directed in the direction of its idea generation?

Alvina: Timeium is a time management software helps any company, software house startup that have their 90% work on laptops or PCs. It helps people to be in touch and updated about what’s going on in a project or team. Moreover, it helps a person to be more productive and to self-judge that where he/she can be more productive.

Quadmind: Timeium is well-reputed and people are using it quite competently. How well do you think it has been efficacious in time management and project management tracking?

Alvina: Yes definitely, it’s one of the main feature is it doesn’t effect your privacy. It can give you the stats and analysis without any screenshots or video tracking.

Quadmind: You people have put so much energy behind the entire notion and foundation of Timeium. Do you think it has helped people in meeting the deadlines more effectively than before? Are the projects well-organized now?

Alvina: The project is in still in beta testing phase but once it will in the market we are sure it could be very effective.

Quadmind: When you enter in the professional world, you see there is a lot of competition and it’s not easy to shine out immediately. What’s different in Timeium from traditional project management trackers? Share your views, please.

Alvina: Yes you are right we faced a lot of difficulty we do have competitors but as we got incubated at The Nest I/O they helped us alot in making difference and finding out competitive edges. Timium doesn’t compromise on privacy it’s in the hand of the authorised person to capture screenshot or video or he leaves that and wants the stats. Moreover, it help the managers. In the month end they have stats in their hands and they can easily plan out the next month. It gives a competitive edge in it’s pricing as well. It’s that cheap that it could be used by startups as well to perform well.

Quadmind: You people having a successful journey. Tell about the expectations you have from this startup and how did all the co-founders unite?

Alvina: We four are batch mates, friend for the past 5 years we have good bonding and we hope this product will last longer and will a good experience.

Quadmind: Describe the use of technology at Timeium. How well are you guys functioning with it? Tell about the difficulties you face, as well.

Alvina: As we four have the Computer Science background, we didn’t have as such difficulty in that part. As far as marketing and sales are concerned The Nest I/O helped as a lot.

Quadmind: When you formulate your thoughts and attain looked-for results, you feel happy and proud. Share your experience in detail and encourage the youth.

Alvina: We always had a thought, if you have something in your mind that’s out of the box and can serve humanity just go for it and there will be ways out their to help out.

Quadmind: Keeping a check on time management is not as simple as it seems like and this process includes a lot of hard work. Share about the result satisfaction you feel after the tracking of the task.

Alvina: Yeah we did it among ourselves and trust me it was an amazing feeling even we were tracking ourselves.

Quadmind: Everyone wants to prevail rapidly and this is how it works like. What are your future plans and how do you see Timeium in the next 5 years or so?

Alvina: We definitely see it to be used by as many software houses as it can be used.

Quadmind: Creative and smart thinking leads to success, share about the mentors who guide you on important perspectives of task tracking and project management? Are they proud of what Timeium is today?

Alvina: That’s true mentors play a great role in any startup. We had our supporting teachers of University of Karachi and mentors at The Nest I/O to guide us at each step.

Quadmind: Product expansion is necessary since it contributes towards profitable future. With the use of technology and its variants are you thinking over startup ecosystem?

Alvina: I guess yes Timeium has the potential to contribute in the ecosystem of startups.

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Quadmind: Social Media Marketing (SMM) plays a vibrant role in the feat and appreciation of such platforms. What forum has been the most effective one so far?

Alvina: I guess facebook will be at the top of the list.

Quadmind: Success comes with dedication and self-believe. And it can be assimilated through teamwork. What changes has Timeium brought within your own self? How important is it to value the time?

Alvina: Our 4 months journey at The Nest I/O and development of a time management software in that restricted period seriously taught us how important the time is.

Quadmind: Describe the upcoming events and job openings Timeium would be providing with? I feel so inspired by it that I too want to be a part of Timeium.

Alvina: Ummm not right now but soon there will be. Will definitely get in touch again for that.

Quadmind: In life, you often meet all sorts of people. How difficult has it been for you to deal with people?

Alvina: Here, the most difficult part is to make people believe on a new technology or solution.

Quadmind: Well, you have website for product are you offering beta version for testing?

Alvina: Yeah we have a beta version but still some tests are left to be done.

Quadmind: You must have learned and matured a lot throughout this journey. Share about the co-founder’s role distribution for the project and how you people manage it? Did you raise any funding for Timeium?

Alvina: Co-founder’s understanding is the most important part I guess in any startup and if that’s missing it would be very difficult for the health of product. About funding, I guess we won’t be discussing about that right now may be in the near future or so we have a discussion on that :)

Quadmind: As you know that technology is advancing swiftly, are you working on the latest technical aspects of aiding the people? Are you satisfied by the recent developments at Timeium?

Alvina: As I told you that we are from the technological background so yes we are satisfied with the recent development of Timeium.

Quadmind: We would like you to give a piece of your advice to other people who are planning to adopt the same strategy?

Alvina: If people are having any idea anything that could be good for the society just go for it guys.

Quadmind wishes a very best of luck to Timeium Team for their Success! :)