Mark your Calendars, ProQuest’16 is on its way!

ProQuest is the pride of Pakistan as it serves as the biggest, national level IT event here. Every year it comes around the corner with latest innovations and brings up best uses of technology. This time, ProQuest will be held on 18th and 19th October, respectively.

Background and Mission

Empowerment, practice, and a solid platform are required in the IT sector. This allows people to open up their wings and portray their skills. ProQuest is a particularly awaited, state level IT event. It includes charming competitions planned specifically, to bring forward and develop the creativity, teamwork abilities, and self-reliance of the students.

It gives students a platform where they compete with each other and represent their institution. This helps them in developing self-confidence, social and time management skills under fine supervision.

The mission is clear and simple. ProQuest gathers individuals from all over Pakistan which helps them to be recognized. It provides individuals with a platform to showcase their potential and talent. This helps them in highlighting the current state of youth that what are they capable of achieving, how far they’ve come and it makes the students battle it out with their finest talent.

ProQuest’16 Teaser

How to Share With Just Friends
How to share with just friends.
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Competitions, find your field of interest!

Discover and unlock the best within you. ProQuest’16 is here with a bang and it has 15 competitions! Guess what? Each one of them is unique and worth it in their own aspect. The list of competitions is given below:

Speed programming:

Want to test your logic building speed with a thrill? Go for Speed Programming and show your knack for coding. This is the ultimate competitions for all the coders out there.

Database Design:

So, do you have what it receipts to recognize tough environments and design databases for composite scenarios? If yes, then this is your chance to demonstrate your database design talents, and turn into an ultimate Database design Expert.

Network Design

The network is marked as the computer so get in the line for this fierce battle and guide your packets the way back home, fix your hops, and get the routes in Network design

Web Designing

Display your CSS, HTML and boot-strap skills and design outstanding website layout. This is the perfect opportunity for Web Designers to scale their management and creativity skills.

Android Application Development

Get your hands on Android development and showcase your development skills.

Software Exhibition

Bring forward your most creative software in to Software Exhibition, gain confidence and get judged by experts. Get the audience and show the sponsors what you have made to be the next big thing.

Algo Mania

Let your logic define your smartness and don’t panic about syntax. Algo Mania is here for you! Register and get in the queue.


At iQuest, you will be provided with the ultimate blend of prowess and resourcefulness. Showcase your logical and intellectual skills.

Business idea

If your mind is full of business and strategic ideas and you have the pitch to win the knock than be a part of this competition where you can actually speak up and show your talent. Be the change.

Logo and poster designing

Transform complex ideas and creativity into a remarkable design. This competition is going to bring the best out of you. So be ready to produce creative and eye catching logos and Poster


Photography is an art and capturing the best memories through your lens is worth it. In this contest, judges will judge your photography skills.

Bloggers Bash

Write down your vision, ideas, and show your consistency in blogging. Bloggers bash is an outstanding opportunity for all the ambitious writers.

Counter Strike

Counterstrike, where you compete with top opponents in fierce battles, all on stage for the throne of the best player.


Got moves like Messi or reflexes like Ronaldo? Prove it by taking part in the Fifa’16 competition.

Mortal Combat

Enter the fighting Arena and finish them all. Practice your combos and be the champ in Mortal Combat.

Partners for ProQuest’16:

ProQuest’16 is proud to be associated with TECH and Social Champ. These partners are incubated at The Nest i/o and it’ll recognize the upcoming talents in Pakistan. Everything will be monitored accurately.

Sponsors & Collaborators

Such thrilling events on a big scale are impossible without a list of great sponsors. And their sponsor list includes:

  • Pasha — Collaborators
  • SavYour — Bronze sponsor
  • TECH — Strategic Partner
  • Social Champ — Social Media Partner
  • Azaad Labs — Event sponsor
  • Ouzel Systems — Event sponsor
  • Sudofy — Event sponsor
  • Codenvoi — Event sponsor
  • Retina VR — 360 Event sponsor
  • Edgeon — Event sponsor
  • EfroTech — Strategic Partner
  • TheNest I/O — Collaborator
  • Peekaboo — Silver Sponsor
  • TimeXperts — Bronze Sponsor
  • O’reference — Technical Partner

Event speakers are announced and they are doing campus drives to aware and gear up other university students to take part in the biggest event. Stay tuned for more updates and quest for the best. Log on to their official website to register!

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