We all dream of that perfect skin and hair that they show on T.V. Qnet reveals the secret to healthy hair and glowing skin.

We all know eating healthy and having lots and lots of water is very good for our hair and skin. But is that it? Or do we need something more or more of something in particular to increase our chances of having beautiful hair and skin?

The good news is that it is a two in one process. Yes the things to be followed and nutrients to be concentrated on for healthy hair, body and skin are more or less the same.

It is not your hair that needs care it is the hair follicle that needs to be pampered for beautiful hair. Follicles are responsible for:

1. Holding the sebaceous glands. These glands secrete sebum that keep the hair and skin lubricated and moisturized.
 2. Packing old protein rich cells together to form hair.
 3. Arrange for an outlet sebum and perspiration to
 4. Helps in maintaining body temperature.

Some cases of baldness are due to these hair follicles getting blocked by dead skin cells. Cosmetic surgery has successfully found out a way to unblock these follicles by removing the dead skin cells.

Your hair is nothing but protein filament and even the outermost layer of your skin is lots of dead protein cells packed tightly together. Hence it is obvious that protein is what our body needs the most.

There is a protein called keratin that forms 95% of the epidermis and is the main component of human hair. Our body packs chains of amino acids together to form Keratin.

So next time you want to consume something beneficial for your hair and skin make sure it is packed with amino acids. And while you buy something to be applied to your skin and hair make sure it is rich in keratin.

To prevent your hair follicles from blocking use a mild shampoo made of non toxic ingredients. Toxics are neither good for hair nor hair follicles as sometimes they pass through the skin and damage the hair follicle.

Maintain good skin by going for a cream that has bio active form of protein. This leads to production of new cells, increases firmness, reduces inflammation and enhances skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Stay away from blemishes and have a younger looking skin buy start using a lotion with natural vegetable oil and keratin as its main ingredient.

Qnet India brings to you the best of all products for happy hair, skin and obviously a happy you.

Feel young and stay young forever.