QNET’s Influence in Mobile Commerce and Digital Marketing

QNET’s Influence in Mobile Commerce and Digital Marketing

The past decade has witnessed a great progress in terms of Technological innovations. These advances and upgradations have benefited an array of industries and fields including the direct selling industry. As one of the pioneers of direct selling in Asia, QNET too has joined the ranks of innovations in the mobile technology field, creating some unique interfaces and making e-commerce seamless and easier.

Recently, QNET won an award for ‘Mobile Customer Engagement’ at a major International summit held in Hong Kong. This accolade cemented QNET’s development in mobile technology and is a big achievement for all the people related to the mobile interface and app development in this organization.

Direct selling through modern technology has its perks as well as shams. Often described as a double edged sword, technology is a boon for any industry as it is the most convenient means of spreading information about their products, whereas, on the other hand, businesses can easily get derailed by negative reviews and consumer complaints.

Companies like QNET take the bad with the good and continue their superior level of marketing execution providing the customer with robust products. Incorporating mobile commerce and facilitating a sophisticated yet friendly interface is what QNET did, so as to build a stronger customer base. QNET Mobile 5.0 – the latest version of the mobile app from QNET makes your virtual office a mobile office. Traditional desktop usage is declining while mobile devices are on the rise. Even the number of QNET members viewing the QNETBlog on their mobile has almost tripled in the space of just one year. QNET independent representatives use QNET Mobile 5.0 for shopping, managing eCards, receiving important notifications and signing up new prospects. QNET Mobile 5.0 enables independent representatives to let new prospects sign up in 6 easy steps.

  1. Enter Referrer’s ID
  2. Verify by SMS
  3. Enter enrollment details
  4. Go shopping
  5. Check out
  6. Pay by eCard or Credit card

The advancement in digital technology has resulted in positive developments in direct selling companies, and this is only going to improve in the coming years. Renowned companies, such as QNET, should adapt to the technological developments and innovate and improvise applications and interfaces. In a recent article, Direct Selling News mentioned that, ‘Mobile e-commerce is going to assume greater importance and customers will be growing more and more intolerant towards companies lacking m-commerce.’

To conclude, QNET continues to grow in the new mobile commerce platform providing their customers with more convenient and seamless purchases. Besides, the organization has already been thriving in the digital marketing field as well, making QNET one of the paramount direct selling companies in Asia.

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