Why qodeo works with top Business Schools

#qodeo was founded to deliver better data, real time in the long run, to the global venture community — #Venture Capital/Private Equity (VC/PE) firms, entrepreneurs, advisors and LPs.

Based on a background in business academia, the founders realized that interviewing VC/PE firms’ professionals in their offices would get our users better insight — though we blend this data with participatory, publicly available and partner derived data — always ensuring that our users can determine who sees what of their data.

So, qodeo pioneered what we believe is the largest in person interview program yet undertaken in the VC/PE industry. We have conducted over 550 such interviews globally — in locations as diverse as Palo Alto, London, Mumbai and Tel Aviv. That is approximately 1/5 of the industry.

#Cambridge University’s Judge Business School

qodeo tested a process of conducting interviews with MBA students from Cambridge University’s Judge Business School, situated in the heart of ‘Silicon Fen’. We then worked with Insead, and especially the late Prof Patrick Turner who enthusiastically helped us, VCs and students gain the most from the experience. He often opened the door to introductions for the MBAs.

The late Prof Patrick Turner of Insead, Singapore and Fontainbleau. A marvelous man, much missed.

We now work with 24 leading Business Schools in a variety of ways. Working with bright minds, eager to learn about entrepreneurship and venture/PE in action is stimulating for all involved. The MBAs love the projects as they get to network and travel and build a working knowledge of of what they are learning about at B School. The interviewed firms enjoy the ‘therapy’ of being interviewed and gain free access after to qodeo’s products that currently offer data search, industry news and events info exit analysis.

As well as collecting data, our MBA researchers write qodeoview market snapshot reports about the markets they have covered and present at events about their findings.

AGSM, Sydney

Last week, I visited leading Australian B School, the Australian Graduate School of Management at UNSW. It was great to hear the Academic Director and colleague embrace our practical learning experience and explore how to embed this into the academic schedule.

In the coming weeks, I look forward to meeting with and/or presenting to MBAs, academics and staff at Cambridge again, as well as top Spanish Business Schools #IESE in Barcelona and #IE in Madrid.

Contact us for any further info about our research at team@qodeo.com and http://www.qodeo.com/ and follow us on twitter @qodeo.

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