How having an online presence can impact your business with rapid growth!

In this new age of technology, internet is the crown head of connectivity. And when it comes to connectivity, people across the world with distinct requirements need to associate with people of diverse geographical location for excellent productivity. Old school way of doing business is not a thing anymore, because of various uninvited repercussions. Connectivity was not stronger enough then. Now, the collaboration of trade with technology is on the next level. It is Well Constructed, Data Driven and Informative. As far as the development matters, Data and Content plays a compelling role in materializing the trade. Business has its exclusive side for connectivity and expansion. For expanding the business, internet plays a crucial role in developing it by collaborating with different available platforms. From Website to Mobile Apps, the world has seen round the clock progression when it comes to connectivity while expanding the audience concurrently. Talking about different online platforms to offer your services or products, there exist two ways which have substantial influence for making it more lavish. Surely, you guessed it right. “Website” and “Mobile Application”. They perform a dominant part in creating a considerable conclusive difference in terms of connectivity and expansion, and can impact your trade with dynamic growth.


Website is undoubtedly a credible online source (in terms of business) to grow potential audience for your services or products. Presently, the number of internet users is booming on day to day basis. As per IMRB report, India alone has 450 million active internet users and it is rapidly growing with the growth of technology. Just take a moment out of your time and think about the benefits it has in terms of connecting with the audience in accordance with your services or products. Coming back to the topic, website acts like a Catalogue or Brochure for your Services or Products in an electronic medium. Due to Its straightforward accessibility, it will help you to keep your audience briefed at any given point of time, and will keep them updated if you bring any immediate change in your services or products. Having a website for your venture has major benefits at its core. Website has many different sections to present information where you can improve your connectivity as per your needs. Included areas like Company Profile, Services, Products, Portfolio, Gallery, FAQ, and Contact Information etc. can help you to connect with your audience in an easily accessible way. If you want to build a professional website where you can hook up to your desired audience with higher convenience, then Qodors can help you to make it happen in a more productive manner.

Mobile Application

For strategic and conceptual growth, Mobile application is the key which provides accessible resource of services for different productivities. Mobile technology has made a well-informed environment, because of its massive growth of adoption for various purposes. Locations don’t matter if you have a Smartphone with a particular installed application for the services which you’re looking for. Counting from New-Age Entrepreneurs, Corporations, MNCs, SMEs, Startups, to even a small vendor, everyone is possibly connected with this medium to expand their profitability with productivity. Mobile applications create a positive interference in different genres of business. Adding stacks of all the possible services which you provide is counted in this medium. Be it, E-Commerce, Hotel Bookings, Entertainment, Social Media, News Mediums, Internet of Things, Finding Services or Local Business, Transportation, Buying and Selling etc. are all included in it. Uncomplicated connectivity pushes it to a whole new level in creating a lucrative output. The important outcome of having a mobile application for your services or business is that it decreases the cost of investment and increase the functionality to expand your audience growth. More number of internet users is joining in this new wave of technology for shooting-up their size of trade and making it a win-win situation for end-users and merchants themselves. If you want to develop an efficient mobile application in Android or IOS space, just hit us up with your requirement and we assure you, we’ll deliver spectacular solutions for your venture which will give you more profitable returns through its advancement. Visit us @ Qodors and know more about our stuff!