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"Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence, Neutral Networks and Active " Leverage "
“At its core Qompass will provide a rich ecosystem of API protocols and applications to drive financial and capital markets on a global scale.
Our Ambition is to pave the way to fully Blockchainize the $294 Trillion Global Financial Markets , restoring trust and eradicating
manipulation and corruption.”

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Introducing Elite Group Program

Qompass is a company driven by passion for welfare of our investors. We care every one of you without any discrimination based on your investment amount. Our management has a clear vision that investor must get all those benefits that they were deprived of due to lack of transparency and trust.

So welcome to Elite Investor group of Qompass project. You will enjoy a special attention and your feedback/suggestions will be taken into consideration while making any new decision. Once we have 1k member’s part of this group, we will kick off a fun competition to rewards every participants of this elite group. …

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Our Ann Thread is Now Live!!!

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Leveraged Returns on Investment

Qompass offers QPS coin, guaranteed to provide stable performance that is supported by State-Of-The-Art Technology and Industry Leading Partners

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Diverse Transaction Options

Qompass offers trading and Financing options with leverage extending up to 100:1

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Smart Monitoring System

Smart Neural System assists traders in making smart decisions. NO MORE GUESS WORK

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Anonymous and Secure

Security, along with the aspect of anonymity cannot be compromised and Qompass offers the required cloaking of your assets that are known only to you.

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Owed to regulation variations in different parts of the world, as well as the restriction of crypto open trading in some parts, Qompass has come up with a solution that enables entities to reap advantage out of crypto and blockchain Finance and trading technology. Following this solution, any subscriber can secure a loan from anyone on the platform. For example, a subscriber that gets involved in a promising ICO that accepts a certain crypto token.

In case, he or she is not willing to sell their current bitcoin, Ethereum or Qompass Coin, a loan can be applied for on the platform. The artificial intelligence powered algorithm will analyze the associated risk with the loan, based on valuables such as crowd behavior , over all market sentiment , comparison to previous examples if any as well as many other valuables, before matching it with willing lenders based on preset conditions.

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Qompass Trader:

The Qompass Trader is a multi-asset trading and research platform supported by artificial intelligence and neural networks. Get well researched and analyzed trade signals and news around the clock. Our Artificial Intelligence plugin scans ICO crowd behavior and makes recommendations of promising ICOs, never will you miss an ICO with 1000X potential.


Qompass-Financial Markets Blockchain

Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Active Leverage.

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