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In 2018 I signed up for Medium membership. Since then, I received extra (one or two) weekly emails on what to read. There’s really a lot happening on Medium and despite some interesting stories I still wasted a lot of time to reach the right pool of curated stories. In the end, I appreciated more of “from your network” and “related stories” than the curated stories from the editors. Many of them are written by authors who don’t need to get promoted anyway.

On the bright side, I could access stories with asterisk (*) sign that were previously inaccessible to me before my membership. I found awesome authors (who never made to the weekly curated stories) yet have a lot of followers and offer really different perspectives. They just don’t voice one perspective in an article — typical of the curated authors — but they combine multiple intertwined perspectives, find the holes among public discussions, and offer a synthesis, an out-of-the-box perspective. …

A Soliloquy on The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine

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When I was 4 years old, I learned the word “God” in two languages. One language from my country of birth, and another one from far away. Half of my extended family inherited the language from their ancestors who came to my country of birth centuries ago.

Immediately upon learning the words, I saw two people in my pre-logical mind, a man and a woman, standing tall among the stars and galaxies. I associated one word for the man and another for the woman.

The man was holding the earth, and the woman was holding a book. Earth can be a symbol of provision or external supply (masculine) and book a symbol of nourishment or internal supply (feminine). …

A personal reflection buried in the draft list

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There was a time in my life where some friends called me The Walking Google. Both the power of Google and the fast Internet were quite a new addition to our life back then. Questions such as “Where can I get a good second hand musical instrument?” or “How did ancient Korean people construct floor heating?” can be looked up online. I enjoyed looking up information back then, due to my love for reading.

It is my nature to share knowledge with others, making me enjoy my teaching or coaching jobs. However, I am a quiet person in general. I am an introvert. I enjoy spending a great deal of my waking time alone, reading or thinking or writing down what comes up, at most chatting with one person at a time. …



[a storylistener | a connector] on a journey to spend the privilege of living among the multitude of humanity in multiple countries

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