US Empire Is Running The Same Script With Iran That It Ran With Libya, Syria
Caitlin Johnstone

A direct intervention would be too costly for the Pentagon….

but, supporting “pro-democracy” movements inside Iran, organizing protests with a predictable script and doing their best to weaken the Authorities in Tehran from within, while fully supporting the Saudis and Israel ( the two most-likely executioners in case they do decide to go with the war option)- that is something that the state department is really good at

Besides, about 12 hrs after the protests broke out everyone saw the repetition of the 2011 script- Remember, they tried dragging Iran into the “Arab Spring…- with very bad results — I really have no idea why Trump’s administration is thinking that they are going to make it where Obama failed… especially now, when the authorities in Tehran are in an even stronger position than they were 6–78 years ago

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