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Actually I know very well what I am talking about,….. I do not know how old are you, or what do you remember from recent history (since you have mentioned it) — but I am going to have to write down again a few things I already said in-here

You see I am 40 and from Kosovo, I have spent the past 22 years working as a journalist/reporter…. I have been all over in the past two decades- but it all started with the war here when I was working with whichever foreign media needed a fixer, a stringer or just someone who knows the field… day in, day out, for weeks, for months- the hundreds, maybe thousands of teams that went through kosovo bombarded the western audiences with the stories of what was happening here and the footage of the killing, destroying, cleansing…. none of the stories we did- (expect maybe Racak) did, in itself do much — but all of them together, each and every time the westerners saw the dead children, burning villages… (you know- the usual Balkan Wars kind of background) it did something that , bit by bit, changed the opinion in the west, and allowed for the NATO campaign that stopped the complete cleansing of my entire nation (Yours truly included in the count) .. Which is when I realized it is never “In vain”…..

fast forward to the refugee crises a couple of years ago…. the footage of a little boy, Aylan Kurdi, lying dead on a Greek beach- the views of kilometers long columns of desperate people trying to get to some sort of safety…. the picture of Aylan did not change anything, when people saw t once, the footage of the refugees stuck at the borders and being stepped upon by Hungarian police did not change anything- burt every time someone pout that picture of Aylan on-air, it changed one mind somewhere, every time people saw the women who have walked for thousands of KM trying to protect their children with their bodies while some border-police guard is hitting them ….. it changed another…. you may argue that not a lot has been done for them (true)… but if there were none of those reports, none of that footage, none of these stories — — the refugees would not have been in the camps and getting (at least) food and shelter from the incoming winter… they would have been left to die on the roads and in the sea between turkey and europe…..

I can keep going like this… about Rendition flights, about Sudan, Bosnia… about Al Ghraib… but I think you get the point

So, it is very much about wright and wrong.. and the history that I have seen in the making is very much influenced by what we say, what we think, and what we (all) decide to do.

Simply saying “It doesn’t matter, it makes no difference anyway…” is either a luxury which I , personally, can not afford since I know it matters and it does make a difference …. or, a lazy and weak way of looking at the world which allows people to justify their own inaction when faced with what is wrong

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