Your consistent victim blaming strips any goodwill from your contributions.
Lauren Parker

actually it is the opposite — — your thought process is the one of a victim.

(actually I am seeing a lot of parallels between you and some representatives of guerilla movements I have met — the way to look at this is not through the lens of good vs bad- justice has nothing rto do with real-life processes…. look at it as a leader of a smaller group would approach asymmetric warfare against a much stronger opponent) )

You seek to fix injustice by trying to influence the aggressor to change it’s (I like “it’s” in this case) behavior- while the aggressor has no incentive to do so and at the same time has enough incentives to continue his current behavior… Like this, what you do, is leave all the power and the decision making in the hands of those who are victimizing others — — historically it has not proven the most efficient course of action,

change it- take away the initiative and make it too expensive for the aggressor to move against you. at the same time deny him terrain advantages (like avoiding situations where the aggressor can use it’s superior physical strength to overcome) and- start a bunch of psy-ops behind his lines in order to deny the support it is getting on the home turf…

there was a time when I actually believed in right and wrong ways …. truth is that what matters is will you win at the end or no, you can do things the right way- and suffer for centuries, or you can take action .

We had it here — I grew up under an extremely violent occupation, and after almost a decade of it- people were doing the same thing- looking up- waiting for help- explaining and hoping that the aggressor will be less evil- and the softer they were- the harder the oppression, Then 97 happened and we got weapons — —

— I know it might not be easy for you to process — but the moment victims stop acting and thinking like victims and actually leash out at the aggressor- That is the moment the victims become free . It is not about blaming- it is about making the victims get rid of that mentality for as long as it is present — the victim will represent nothing more than the next target for the aggressor