70% of rapes are date rapes.
Lauren Parker

And 96% of those happen when two people end up in the same room, alone, after the first date — —

Hell, I am a 190 cm tall man in good physical condition and I have always been careful with people I just met. No matter how horny, or desperate I was- 30 minutes of conversation were never enough for me to begin to trust you enough as to leave my safety in your hands

and no- before you start- I am not blaming the victims for the acts of the aggressor- I think we have already been through what I believe to be a proper punishment for rapists. but honestly now… if a man, walks into a very shady bar in a part of town he has no business in, ends up mugged, beaten up or — If , for Example- I get hit after deciding to get into somebody-s firing line (while filming on the field…) .. most people would start saying “Well, he should have known better”. …

But if a woman ends up alone with a drunken idiot she met an hour ago- and of whom she knows nothing of- while perfectly aware of the number of women who get date-raped — she is paying for her naivete (As well as for the other women before her that the idiot got pissed off at). You know, some of the “rules” of the older times — like “don’t end up alone with ta man you only had one date with” — had more to do with security than sexual control.

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