Yeah, no question the Free Market types would luv to conflate Capitalism with Democracy.
Mateo D

Arthur C. Clark was simply, amazing…. he was way more than a science fiction writer…. but if I start about him…

Thing is that they have already conflated Capitalism and Democracy. It may not be as visible in some western societies, but for the rest of the world… How come that every time a society makes a transition into a “democratic” one, the first thing that happens is for the market to open to the international corporations. The most beutiful thing is that, at first, the poeple believe it was what they wanted. They have been fed the diea for decades, ,through the films, the popular culture, that if they only embrace the free market idea then they will all live like the people in the American films do.

OF course, ,after a while they realize that their “Democratically elected” leaders have been keeping themselves elected for so long that there is an entire generation of 20 year olds who do not remember anyone else running the place. While the leaders keep their place with the help of the same corporations which they allowed on the market.

Can you imagine how much damage can be done in a society that never knew anything but a central banking system and in which the poeple simply never had a chance to see anything else when a bunch of banks spring up offering loans, all sorts of cards and what, to them, ,seems like almost free money which gives them a chance to finally buy everything they always wanted? Remember the big stores have just opened, the expensive brands are suddenly there, and everyone can now have the things they only saw on TV

Half of them do not even understand what is happening when , ,all of a sudden, there are cops in their apartment while some big fellows are taking away their furniture. AND how come that , while they are impounding stuff, something that they bought for 1 200 just last week the bank is now valuing at 100.

Unfortunately, I am very well aware that the wars are not going to end anytime soon (Unless they start lobbing nukes at each other- that shoudl do it) ….. but it doesn’t mean that they can nit be stopped. It will take a lot of time, and a change in the way of thinking, but it is possible.

And, No, I am not the kind of character the professes “Revolutions” and believes that there is no other way to change things. Revolutions have a tendency to kill too many people and work with the idea that in order to build the whatever new utopia they profess, everything old has to be destroyed. Things do not work like that, and I have witnessed enough violence and wars on all sorts of levels that I know that they never bring the real change we are talking about.

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