As someone who’s living in the middle of a war I do agree with you.
mhd adeeb masoud

As someone who survived what Syria is going through in the past years, All I can say is that I completely sympathize…. ( and understand) …. it gets surreal, doesn’t it??? I remember when the fighting was, literary, less than 5 km from the center of my hometown- we used to go out and have coffee while watching the fires from the burning villages light up the sky around our city and listen to the shells falling …. Trying to keep a semblance of normal life in the chaos-

even , now, all this time later, I am still surprised when I remember the absurdity and pure surrealism of that kind of existence-…. the everyday conversations in which one moment you are talking about the weather, the next one counting the people you know who got killed in the past two or three days, then switching to the conversation about your friends latest love interest….

The things we learn to accept as normal, when we are pushed (either accept it as it is or go insane)

It is a real shame …. what happened to Syria I mean. At least, back here, the lines were clear-cut… we knew who the enemy was and we knew who was a friend… Someone who was not from here- who did not have the roots or the ethnicity of those who lived here for centuries first occupied us for about a decade.. and then tried to get rid of us all — SO weather you want it or not, your name decided which side were you on… But Syria….

You guys are in the biggest mess I have seen in more than 20 years of working as a reporter/journalist (as well as 40 years of living in the Balkans) — — there is no stand to take, and nothing to stand up for- besides trying to survive, and keep your family alive the best you can….

Hey, i have to ask, are the brothers Daoud still making the best Baklava in the middle east????

That being said… although you are right about the prophet, Islam etc… it doesn’t matter. Most people who do not know anything about it have made up their minds- they have been told that it is a religion of evil — and they believe what they are being told (Otherwise, how would they feel superior????) And those who already know- do not need to be told…..

That is another sad issue here…. that because of a few idiot6s- an entire religion has gotten a bad name

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