No, you don’t look older than you should… you fit your age perfectly.
Erik Smith

’Cause who’s to say you’ll ever turn 41?…. :) nice, efficient and very true….

One thing though… I never really understood what the hell is the problem that so many people have with their age … I turned 40, and I feel good about it… I am going to feel even better when I reach 50, and even better than that when I hit 60….

For one … I never get to the point of “Oh.. Alexander the great was half my age when he conquered…” or “ This man/woman… got to where I am in my life, 15 years ahead of me…”

I know it may not be the nicest way to deal with things, but, ever since I started getting close to 30 ( the famous 27+ age)…. Instead of feeling bad that I am one year older, I started feeling good because having one more birthday meant that I was among the ones who survived…. Just try it out

Whenever the “mood” comes down because you remembered how old are you… try remembering all the people that you have known, who have never made it to the point at which you are at the moment ( and most likely, you will keep going for another few decades) … You will start looking at birthdays and age as something with a different meaning- instead of reminding how old you are ( which shouldn’t be a problem in the first place.. but some people do seem to care) … they will start reminding you of why do you bother living in the first place = It will also stop you from counting all the bad things in your life, all the things you should feel unhappy about , and make you concentrate on the good things.. and we all have at least a few of those

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