Okay, so I would like you to cite your source that more men are writers.
Lauren Parker

Exactly…. and my argument is not that you are only hearing the womens perspective — quite the opposite, my argument is that you are not even listening or paying attention to the womans perspective- at least not the majority of women — what you are dealing with is the things that seem (or are sold as) “real” issues of only a handful of women…. and that is your problem — I honestly do not know is it because you truly believe that you are a voice for all the women- or is there another reason…. but you will never achieve what you say sour goal is unless you start dealing with the problems, and communicating with the language- that most women would identify with — — i do not know are you aware of this… but there is on overwhelming majority of women all over the world whose issues do not include questions like “are blow jobs feminist” (BTW — — just the fact that you are thinking along those lines means your thinking process is exactly where men want itr to be)— — those kind of thoughts are luxuries that only a few women can afford… - their issues are much more practical… and they either like giving BJ-s or they don’t…. making something like that into a fmeinist issue is nothing more than saying “I have nothing to make an issue out of- so I am going with this….)

And if you are wondering on how do I know that- I know it because of my mother, my sister, my wife…. I know it because my grandmother was arrested a whole lot of times, beaten up- almost got killed… for fighting for the women's right to work and vote…. I know because my mother (a generation later) got arrested and beaten up — on one occasion she had jaw broken — because she was fighting for the woman’s right to control her own body ….. I know it because I have spent a long time watching the 3rd wave feminists destroy everything that the women before you fought for — you know — back in the time when women activists were more interested in women than self-promotion==== I can talk about it because I have worked with women that were raped in war zones and could not tell their families from the fear of being rejected — the 17 year old Bulgarian or Moldovan girls who have been tricked then shipped top the US — or the west in general….

to be sold to the hgighes bidder as if they were pieces of furniture — — Because I actually did spend a lot of my time seeing the women’s suffering as an integral part- and sometimes the best example- of the sufferings of entire nations….. but I suppose any of that would be too much for you since I doubt that you ever actually met any of those women outside your controlled environment

AS for male writers — — here is a suggestion for you — get on google, and do some searching… see how many male writers are out ther when compared with female — and yes, you would automatically assume that it is beacue everyxthing is a giant conspiracy against women — the other explanation may be it happens because very few female writers actually manage to write for all-encompassing audience… of course, the women who managed to move away from the “me and my problems…” way of looking at the world hav e wrote some amazing works — ursula k le guin… Seamus heaney … even erica young (Yes I have read her….) — — — But why would you admit to yourself that if you write something and it doesn’t get published- or become a world-wide hit… it is not the fault of men- but of bad writing… much easier to blame everything on men…. BTW- have you noticed how the successful women never spend all their time and energy complaining about how this world of men is treating the unfairly???? You know why that happens- because they do not sit around exchanging quotes form other poeple’s books but instead they work their asses off- just like any other person that makes it does….. you girls are not fighting for women in general- you do not know what their issues are — you do not share them- never did, and will never understand them … what you are doing is finding excuses for your own weaknesses (be it personal, professional or emotional) by blaming it on men — — which would be OK — but it is literary , destroying everything that the generation s of women who truly fought for their rights- the same ones you now take for granted- suffered to achieve — and you are doing by the simple act of giving the other side an excellent example to point at ….

And to make things even worse — you are teaching the younger generations the wrong things — — despite of what you might want to think or believe — the girls of today will not have it better tomorrow if they start listening to self-centered character who claim to speak in the name of the entire gender (much less responsibility than saying you speak for yourself only) — — they will end up angry and bitter- not realizing that the world is not going to change in order to suit them…. instead, they should learn what every human being on the planet should know from day 1 ( and something that most males are taught)… that if they want to do whatever on this planet- they need to stop baliming someone else- accept the responsibility- and work hard to get it

I know that someone like you will find it hard to see the difference — — but my writing is not about trying to show that I am smart, or understanding, or that you are wrong.. or anything similar

I actually agree with the basics of your fight- which is why I intevene… If you are trying to win it — you should get out of your bubble and actually deal with women as a group — the ones who come to your classes and who have read the same books that you have- already share your opinion and beliefs…. butr until you learn how to communicate with everyone else — you are not doing much.. besides making yourself feel righteous because you get some positive feedback from people who are using you to simply confirm what they already believe in….. It is the same as if a man would believe that he is the dream of all women because two , horny, drunken sluts hit on him in a bar — he doesn@t think that it happens because they were drunk and horny, or because he was the only man in a bar — —