No. I would need to dismantle capitalism and its influence on media strategy.
Lauren Parker

First thing we agree upon completely- Capitalism — to be specific the current, western, form of capitalism, the one driving globalization and “democratization” processes all over the planet should be dismantled As soon as possible- before it is too late for everyone. And I am not being too dramatic when I say this. (I really hate writing in capitals when trying to make a point — but if I would ever do that- it would be for the next sentence) Capitalism as it is is driving humanity back to the feudal times.

it is a process- but one whose end result can be seen- and one way or another the root of a lot of evil on the planet.

I think it was about this time last year that a story went around about more than 50% of the world}S wealth being controlled by a bit over 60 people. Just one generation ago, in 1991 - the same proportion was controlled by a bit over 280 people while a generation before that it was something like 3 200, and it goes like that back to the beginning of the industrial age….

While I was going through the data in the story I noticed it was about much more than just the highest levels- the same phenomena can bee seen on almost all socioeconomic levels, more and more resources (thus power) is being concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people everywhere. And that is happening because the current capitalist system (which was exported to the rest of the world with such zeal) is inherently designed in such a manner- on the long run it will always funnel resources upwards- towards fewer and fewer entities. ( Hmmm… thnx… Now that you got me thinking about it again- I believe I am going to do a proper article on this )..

To keep it short. It all means that ultimately (although it can already be seen on some levels) we will end up in a situation where a limited number of individuals have control over housing, jobs… everything while the rest will either be working for them directly (or in supporting industries) . DUe to the way the society functions the same individuals will then transfer those resources to their children who, in turn, will transfer it to theirs… while everyone else remains in their servitude. The only thing that will distinguish it from the dark ages will be the lack of titles like Baron, Count Marquee etc… while in effect it will be the same, if not worse, for everyone not belonging to these few families