Good People who Stay Silent

Good people who stay silent are not good at all…. they are the worst of the worst- much worse even than those who commit evil deeds- for the ones who commit them at least have the courage to act ….

while the “good ones who stay silent” are nothing more than cowards who do not have the courage to put themselves out there and act upon what they believe — or say they do…so they hide behind closed doors and heavy curtains, turning their heads the other way when evil happens — greateful (sometimes even happy) that it was the other guy who just got victimized - and after it is all over they get out of their holes and say “I was against it all the time”…..

Well…… no you were not!!!!

Anyone who sees something evil happening and decides to do nothing about it (simply ignore some else s problem because they are not your own)…. Anyone who says he/she “disagrees” or “does not condone” an evil occurrence yet decide to tolerate the same occurrence since it is not them who is being victimized…. anyone, who thinks that simply not doing anything evil is the same as being good — — is as guilty (often even more) of whatever atrocity they hid their head from as the ones who were actively committing them…

Since, if it wasn’t for the fact that the bad ones knows, for certain, that they can do whatever they want to a minority while the (disagreeing) majority looks the other way since it is not them who are suffering — many, many evil deeds would have never been committed. The “good ones” are not just enabling the deed- they are creating a surrounding in which evil knows it will be tolerated …

with all my heart- that is the category which I most despise

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