Hmm… Corporate Media Now Turning On Antifa As Police Militarization Increases
Caitlin Johnstone

I am truly glad that people with brain in the US have finally started figuring out what is happening to them, (stuff which has been obvious to most of the world for a long time now… And, although most of what is in this article stands… not everything is trump’s fault.. he is actually simply continuing the process his predecessors started..

For example the author states :” The New York Times reports that due to a removal of restrictions by the Trump administration, police departments “will now have access to military surplus equipment typically used in warfare, including grenade launchers, armored vehicles and bayonets,” which Attorney General Jeff Sessions is laughably calling “lifesaving gear.”…

which is generally true — — but, this process started a few years ago under Obama .. it was his administration that started sending combat equipment to the US police… actually, the right-wing supporters have spent about two years complaining how Obama is militarizing the police in order to defend his white house from the people…. this is nothing more than the continuation of something that started long before Trump was in the picture…

Which brings me to the main point of this reply…..

As I said earlier, for decades now — for most of the world it has been painfully obvious that it absolutely doesn’t matter who is sitting in the white house- the US policies are set and executed by others- the presidents are there to give the voters an impression that something depends on them. What has always been surprising for everyone, including me, is how few Americans see that ( as well as the fact that US voters have the political memory of the goldfish- they seem to forget everything anyone has done — but keep believing the word of the politicians….)

ever since, at least, WWII- the US policies have been quite constant… there is always a lot of talk and a lot of noise… there is always a media circus about the elections and there is always a promise that “things will change” — whenever a new guy comes into the white house…. and nothing ever does

I mean.. Does anyone remember Obama…. How he was greeted as some sort of a savior who will fix the social issues in the US and stop the wars, and end the nukes and….. Hey- they even gave him a Nobel price for piece before he ever did anything and… oh, what did he do afterwards… bombed more countries than 3 of his predecessors combined — what happened was that he simply kept implementing the policies and plans which were in place before he came into the WH- he made certain that by pulling out of Iraq for a couple of years he will create the conditions for the US to come back and stay for another 4 decades… and I do not have to start talking about teh social issues

Trump is ( there is an expression in the Balkans- loosely translated it would mean “Same piece of shit in a different package”) … again doing the same thing as Obama…. He got into the presidency by making promises he never wanted to keep (Impeach Hillary- pull out of Afghanistan, change the Syrian strategy…)

The mass media , on both sides- the “alternative” or the MSM

are also playing their role in all of this… they help in creating the setup which has been planned by the powers that be .. nothing more — — which why both CNN (for example) and Infowars now have the same non-professional attitude towards what they are publishing- they are both propaganda machines for their respective sides- but not real news sources.

Yet, if you pay attention, you will see that the basic message in the way both sides present their “opinions” is always the same…. the language- the examples- the stories might be different… but there will always be a point which connects them.. (Muslims = Bad, communism=bad, US & the free market economy= God}S gift to humanity)…..

which is why you may find both the MSM and the alternative media criticizing politicians, individuals, even a political party — — but they are never going to take on- even mention- the system which is moving all of this forward…. which is why you can say that Obama has been destroying thge US democracy.. or that Trump is doing it right now… but very few people (inside the US — outside it is well known) can criticize the system itself — the system which you are taught to believe is the best … which is why you still find the idea of free education and health care as something out of Stalin playbook , and all anyone has to do to get Americans to gather around him/her is claim that they are “protecting American values against ….. (instert the threat of choice) — — without ever really having to explain what those values are

So, (And this is a peace of friendly advice from someone who knows what it looks like when a country implodes — and how quickly and efficiently things go from bad to worse) — If you guys want to avoid making things even worse than they are …. you better start looking for what is behind both the right wingers and the ANtifa… but most importantly…. do not fall for the lie — it doesn't matter if you support the KKK or the black panthers, the antifa or the conservatives… the moment you start supporting one side and turning against the other- you will be doing exactly what the powers that be want you to do… take a side, get emotional, and do their bidding….

DO not blame things on Trump or Obama (At the end of the day- all candidates in the last elections were supported by the same corporations — even Bernie took money from Lockheed, Boeing and other war-profiteers) but place the blame where it truly lies… within the system itself- you know the one which causes the Ethiopian coffee farmers to be payed 5 dollars a month for the coffee they grew on their land — in order for a New Yorker to be able to have his coffee at Starbucks for 2$. Do not blame another president for another “oil war” — it is the American citizens that are so used to having cheap gas- that any politician that doesn’t start a war in order to avoid rising the price of petrol for 2$ a barrel will be out of the office immediately- or at the next elections.

Now- what do those have to do with the right vs left violence…. it is all a part of the same script. (again) but you will not be able to see that if you do what they want you to do — concentrate on one or two issues- get emotional about them, loose your head — so that you will not see the full picture

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