The Mistakes We Make: Why Liberalism is Teetering on Feet of Clay
Henry Wismayer

I can not resist the temptation of adding a couple of sentences of my own….

I wanted to start with saying that “liberal” doesn’t mean what it did a couple of decades ago… liberals are now, as or even more exclusive than the conservatives… but Durban Poison beat me to it with his comment…

But, jt like him, I used to consider myself a liberal until it came to the point where I understood that what they are selling as liberalism now- is not what I believe in

Still there are a couple of more things left to be aid about the decline of liberals

One of them is the fact that during the past couple of decades, especially since 2000 onward- being “liberal” stopped meaning what it did before, although a lot of people were saying they are because of their convictions, a whole lot more were repeating the word because it became fashionable. People who actually have no values or beliefs of their own, have started repeating one liners they picked up from their “cooler” friends — without truly understanding what is it about. If you talk to younger people they will all describe a conservative (although they do not truly understand what that means either) as someone “uncool” , they will all say that they support “progressive” and “liberal” values, but a lot of it is simple peer pressure. It wouldn’t be that bad- but all these “liberals” who have no idea what a liberal is are actually damaging to liberal values everywhere. I have also witnessed a lot, and i mean a lot of cases when “liberals” treated the poeple who did not share their values as UN-educated idiots —

Add to that their almost fanatic insisting on PC — and a lot of people are being turned off by something that doesn’t seem to promote equality, freedom and generally good ideas- but as another movement which insists that things should be done its way, or no way — —

besides — there is also a lot to be said about how many people have been turned off by liberals and “liberal” policies, for having the impression that the liberals are pushing various policies which support fringe groups which include small percentages of population — which are damaging for the majority. The fact that the liberals have become very snobby and exclusive- and would not bother actually stopping to explain why, for example, there is so much concentration of equality for people from the LGBT group — is making it extremely easy for the conservatives to point that out- tell there supporters that “you see- affirmative action is responsible for you not having a job an that F..g… got one because there is a “homosexual agenda”, or “white genocide”, or.. whatever it is they use to scare the average joe these days…

and that is another part of the problem — by being what they are — the conservatives are managing to keep that average Joe on their side- while liberals keep pushing more and more of them away.. I mean, there used to be a time when liberalism came from the grassroots- and “educated elites” were the conservatives…. nowadays it is the opposite the conservatives have the grassroots while the liberals appear as the elite … that has to change

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